Why Labels Matter


These days, we live in a world of infinite brand exposure and standing out among the competition has become harder than ever.

These days, almost anyone can create a product, build an online store, and reach an audience. This means that every market has become increasingly overcrowded with similar products, features, and solutions. Blending in with the competition is more common than ever.

So how does your product label stand out in an overcrowded world?

Consumer Habits

The first thing to remember is your label is an extension of your brand. It is most likely the first thing a consumer will come in contact with when shopping. According to the latest research, seventy percent of all purchase decisions are made after the customer enters the store.

For the average consumer, they will make a decision on which product to buy within three seconds after being exposed. That means when a customer sees dozens of similar options, they will make a decision based on the appearance and feeling your product label gives them.

How To Stand Out

The most important thing your label can do is convey accurate information.

Your customers are looking to your labels to tell them about your company, your brand, and your product. Is your company high-end? Is your product safe? Is your brand unique? Does your product differentiate itself from its competitors? Or are simplicity and minimalism the goal, which can be achieved by using a transparent face stock?

These are some of the questions the consumer will answer within a few seconds of seeing your product. The more effective you are at drawing the customers' attention and conveying the correct information, the higher your chances are at standing out in this overcrowded world.

How The Label Factory Can Help

The Label Factory happens to know a thing or two about labels, and we have the stats to back it up. Our company has over twenty-five years of experience in the label industry with over 700 million labels printed to date! We continue to help businesses all over the world grow by supporting their label needs. Our quick turnaround and unbeatable quality have always set us apart from our competitors.

The Label Factory team specialize in custom die-cut adhesive labels, from initial designs and proofs to final manufacturing execution. That means from conception to final end-use we have you covered.

Your label is a direct extension to your entire brand; it's what sets the stage for how your product will look, feel, and connect to your customers. So whether it's a custom label design, an entire campaign, or a strategy, we've got you covered, and we will make sure that your labels are a reflection of your company's brand and vision.

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