Collage Printing

One Design Infinite Variations

Collage Printing?

A specific design with random combinations. Collage printing gives brands and companies the ability to create endless variations off a single artwork file. These can include images, logos or text, then combined according to individual rules. Our algorithms can control parameters such as minimum and maximum number of repetitions for each element, rotation and size resulting in millions of unique designs for high-value, high-quality print applications. Make each label unique without slowing manufacturing time.

Collage printing two tea bags ripe figs and cranberry

Key Features

Collage Printing

  • Unique Labels: Create millions of variations off a single design file. Give customers the feeling that each product from you is truly unique.
  • Speedy Production: Because our algorithms do all the heavy lifting we can produce millions of unique labels without slowing down the manufacturing process.
  • Dominate Your Presence: Make the consumer decision for your product a no-brainer when they see your impressive line of labels among the bland and redundant. Be unique, not the same.

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Mosaic Printing

Using one or multiple seed designs, your label art can be rotated, scaled, or changed in color to create millions of unique designs without slowing down our process.

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Variable allows text and graphics to be changed from one label to the next without slowing down the process, inlcuding location-based variable data, barcodes, and more.

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