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Custom Labels

Your label is a direct extension to your entire brand; it's what sets the stage for how your product will look, feel, and connect to your customers.

How It Works

The Label Design Process

1. Define

First, our primary objective is to absorb. We learn about you and your company, your project, and your ideas. Then, we research your industry, competitors, and everything in between. During Definition, we synthesize what we know and pinpoint a vision. We then define a set of principles that guides us through every step in Design, where this vision starts to take form.

2. Design

Based on our initial meeting, we will create three label design options for you to choose from. We’ll never put forward a hollow design, and we will always ideate within a harmonious trio of branding, design, and purpose. The outcome is a project with substance, looks that could kill, and an experience with an engaging personality. In the end, we’ll give you a label design that is a true extension of your brand and vision.

3. Proof

With your final design chosen and ready to go its time to proof. A Label Proof is simply a final design explaining how your label is broken apart and engineered for printing. Proofs are a critical piece of the ordering process, as they provide a check-point for you to make sure we've correctly interpreted your order and selected the correct art files.

4. Print

Now that you have a new beautiful label let's get that baby printed. Getting your labels to you quickly is our next priority. We offer a four-day or two-day manufacturing process time, depending on how soon you need your products. When your order is printed and passes quality control, it is shipped directly to you or your customer. If you want an order sooner, call us at 515.280.6588. We ship anywhere in the world and use USPS.

Custom Design


  • We create 3 design options
  • You choose your favorite
  • Designs Created for scratch
Additional Charges:
  • $10 - Text or small changes.
  • $25 - Art or big changes.

Structural Design


  • We create 1 design option
  • Created from existing branding
  • Arranging existing assets
Additional Charges:
  • $10 - Text or small changes.
  • $25 - Art or big changes.

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