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Snickerdoodle Front 1
Peanut Butter Banana front
Double Chocolate Mint Front 1
Double Chocolate Chip Front 1
Sugar Cookie Coffee front 1
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Custom Engineered Labels

The Pull Tab

Thelma's asked, and we delivered! Thelma's Cookie's labels feature our custom engineered pull tab, designed with cookie lovers in mind. This label rips the plastic open with a "Pull Here" tab, saving customers from hectic wrestles with frustrating packaging. Now, thanks to our team of experts, Thelma's fans are a simple pull away from deliciousness. There is love in every bite but innovation in every label.

Frostbite Material

Hot Looks for Cold Products

The Label Factory also offers food-safe labels made to withstand frigid temperatures in the freezer. Many of our vendors and customers have utilized this specialized Semi-Gloss Frostbite material for anything from frozen meats to ice cream.

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